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Backflow testing & backflow repair is our specialty

Full Service Backflow Testing

      Annual backflow testing - testing includes the submission of the test reports for you to the requesting agency

      Testing and new certification for a new installed backflow device 

      Testing for Audits and real estate sales

Full Service Backflow Repair

***Need testing or repair for a commercial building, residence, apartments, condominiums, townhouses or industrial?  No problem, we can do that

Backflow testing also known as: 

  • Backflow Device Testing  

  • Backflow Assembly Testing

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly

  • Backflow Preventer Testing

  • Backflow Prevention Testing

  • Backflow Valve Testing

  • Backflow Field Testing

  • Backflow Prevention Device Field Testing ​  

Straightline Backflow Inc offers top notch services with competitive pricing. We provide services for Los Angeles County and Orange County

Backflow Testing Gauge

The purpose of testing the backflow prevention device/assembly annually is make sure the device is operating properly to prevent cross contamination to the public potable water.

The technicians are certified backflow testers and licensed from LA County Public Health, Orange County Health Agency, American Backflow Prevention Association 

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